G 459-2 Technical Rule - Standard 11/2015

Gas Pressure Regulating Installations with a Maximum Upstream Operating Pressure of 5 bar and a Maximum Design Flow Rate of 200 m3/h under Normal Conditions on Service Lines; Functional Requirements ++ PDF file ++

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This Technical Rule G 459‑2 applies to the design, installation, testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance of gas pressure regulating systems within the scope of DVGW Standard G 459‑1 with inlet pressures up to 5 bar1 and a maximum nominal flow rate of 200 m3/h under normal conditions for the supply of residential and office buildings, council housing as well as mixed‑use buildings and buildings housing public, cultural and commercial facilities ? to the extent that these are comparable to buildings of residential use ? with gases whose properties meet the requirements of DVGW Standard G 260, with the exception of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)2, and which are supplied by public gas utilities. This Standard does not cover industrial production plants.

1 Scope

2 Normative references

2.1 DVGW Set of Rules

2.2 DIN Standards

2.3 Acts, Directives and Ordinances

3 Terms and definitions

3.1 Pressure and temperature terms

3.2 Gas pressure regulating system

3.3 Gas pressure regulator

3.4 Safety shut-off device

3.5 Function lines

3.6 Qualified person

3.7 Skilled person

3.8 Contracted installers

4 General requirements

5 Component requirements

5.1 Gas pipeline system

5.2 Protection against the effects of fire (indoor Installation)

5.3 Noise control measures

5.4 Indispensable components

5.4.1 Shut-off devices on the inlet side

5.4.2 Gas pressure regulators

5.4.3 Safety shut-off devices ? overpressure protection

5.4.4 Additional safety devices to prevent inadmissible pressure increases at MOPu above 1 bar

5.5 Additional components

5.5.1 Automatic safety shut-off devices ? underpressure Low-pressure cut-off valve Low-pressure cut-off of the safety shut-off device

5.5.2 Gas pressure regulators with flow monitor

5.5.3 Equipment for the removal of harmful substances

5.5.4 Shut-off devices on the outlet side

5.5.5 Function lines General requirements Venting lines for venting, pressure relief and bleeding

5.5.6 By-pass lines

6 Installation and arrangement of gas pressure regulating systems

6.1 Accessibility

6.2 Protection against damage

6.3 Ventilation

7 Approval procedures for contractors specialising in the installationand testing of gas pressure regulating systems

7.1 Contracted installers

7.2 Other companies

8 Testing

8.1 External tightness test

8.2 Function test

9 Commissioning

10 Testing and commissioning documentation

11 Operation and maintenance

Annex A (informative) ? Randomised spot checks during incoming goods inspection