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Drinking water installation

Drinking water installation

  • W 556 Technical Rule - Standard 12/2015

    Hygienic-microbial Irregularities in Drinking Installations; Methods and Measures to Remedy ++ PDF file ++

    Artikelnummer: 510542

    This standard W 556 applies to the operation and maintenance of drinking water installations in buildings. It stipulates the requirements on the management of technical and microbiological irregularities that may adversely affect hygiene in drinking water installations.

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    62,99 €
    67,40 €
  • W 551 Code of Practice 04/2004

    Drinking water heating and drinking water piping systems; technical measures to reduce Legionella growth; design, construction, operation and rehabilitation of drinking water installations ++ PDF file ++

    Artikelnummer: 507858

    This Code of Practice W 551 applies to

    • the design and construction
    • the Operation
    • the upkeep (inspection, maintenance and repair)
    • the hygienic-microbiological monitoring, and
    • the Rehabilitation

    of drinking water installations in public and privately used buildings (residential, office and Administration buildings, work and Sport facilities, hotels and hospitals).

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    49,28 €
    52,73 €
  • W 270 Technical Standard 11/2007

    Microbial Enhancement on Materials to Come into Contact with Drinking Water - Testing and Assessment ++ PDF file ++

    Artikelnummer: 507854

    This standard W 270 describes a test method to determine the microbial growth on organic materials and materials containing organic components, foreseen to come into contact with drinking water or with water to become drinking water.

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