W 123 Technical Information 09/2001

Construction and design of Vertical Filter well ++ PDF file ++

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It shall serve as the basis for the construction and casing of vertical filter wells.

Given the importance of the safe and hygienic provision of drinking water, the construction and casing of vertical filter is of special significance. Today, important quality parameters of vertical filter wells are, among others, an extended service life, optimum yield, safe functioning (such as safe sealing), ease of regeneration, rehabilitation and well decommissioning.

This Code of Practice deals with the state‑of‑the‑art construction and casing of vertical filter wells and the necessary prerequisites. Additionally, it also covers some aspects of well operation with the aim of achieving maximum service life and thus also an economically efficient mode of operation among other objectives.

This Code of Practise is intended to give guidance to clients, planners, construction supervisors and contractors, especially during the construction process, but also to operators during the later phase of operation. Last but not least, it aims at facilitating an understanding of the requirements of supervising authorities and at showing the latter the possibilities and constraints inherent in a particular site.

1 Scope

2 Normative references

3 Objectives

4 Water management requirements

4.1 General information

4.2 Well Drilling

4.3 Well casing

4.4 Pumps and rising mains

5. Technical requirements

5.1 General information

5.2 Well drillin

5.2.1 General information

5.2.2 Drilled diameter

5.2.3 Borehole geometry

5.2.4 Drilling depth

5.2.5 Core samples

5.3 Well casing

5.3.1 Casing pipes

5.3.2 Gravel pack materials and grouting materials General information Filter sands and filter gravels Sealing materials

5.4 Pumps and rising mains

5.4.1 Pumps General information Layout

5.4.2 Rising mains

5.5 Measuring equipment

5.6 Well operation

6 Well casing types

7 Installation work

7.1 General information

7.2 Preparatory work inside the borehole

7.3 Casing pipes

7.3.1 Surface casing

7.3.2 Solid casing and well screens

7.4 Annular space

7.4.1 Gravel pack materials

7.4.2 Grouting materials (clay, cement and slurry suspensions)

7.5 Measuring and control equipment

7.6 Pumpage equipment

7.7 Well completion and development

7.8 Disinfection

8 Documentation

8.1 Construction progress

8.2 Inspection and final acceptance

8.3 Completed well

9 Tendering

Annex A (informative)

Annex B (informative)

Annex C (informative)

Annex D (informative)