W 347 Code of Practice 10/2009

Hygiene requirements for cement-bound materials intended for use in drinking water supply systems - testing and evaluation ++ PDF file ++

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In accordance with ? 17 Par. 1 of the Drinking Water Ordinance of May 28, 2001, construction and other materials that when in contact with water release substances in concentrations higher than considered inevitable by the generally accepted engineering standards, or that directly or indirectly infringe the human health regulations stipulated by this Ordinance, or that alter the odour or flavour of the water, shall not be used for linings intended for use in contact with drinking water.

The former Federal Health Agency has not issued any recommendations on cement‑bound and lining materials. As the physical behaviour of such materials differs from that of plastic materials, the Plastics and Drinking Water Recommendations (KTW recommendations) cannot be borrowed verbatim.

This Code of Practice W 347 had to be reviewed in order to ensure that its contents reflect the state of the art and conform to the corresponding European Standards.

This Code of Practice describes the requirements for and the testing of cement‑bound materials intended for use in drinking water supply systems.href= https://shop.wvgw.de/506643 >here.
1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Definitions
3.1 General
3.2 Consumables
3.3 Concrete
3.4 Fibres
3.5 Aggregate
3.6 Migration test
3.7 Microbiological test
3.8 Pigment
3.9 Positive list
3.10 External quality test
3.11 Residual water
3.12 Cement-bound material
3.13 Cement mortar
3.14 Admixture
3.15 Additive
4 Fundamentals
5 Hygiene requirements for drinking water
6 Additives, admixtures, pigments, fibres and consumables
7 Test specimens and pretreatment
7.1 Test specimens for contact testing
7.2 Test specimens for microbiological testing in accordance with DVGW Code of practice W 270
7.3 Production and pretreatment of test specimens
8 Testing
8.1 Migration test
8.2 Microbiological test
9 Requirements
Literary reference
Annex A (normative)
Annex B (normative)