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DVGW Set of Rules

The DVGW Set of Rules: An Indispensable Tool for Gas and Water Experts

Setting global standards for gas and water

The DVGW Set of Rules

Forms the basis of and sets standards for all activities of the gas and water utility industry sectors, with the main objective being to advance and ensure safety, hygiene and innovations aimed at environmental conservation and consumer protection.

  • Forms the basis for basic, in-service and advanced training as well as for testing and certifying products, procedures, businesses and individuals.
  • Provides legal certainty and a safe environment for action, enhances the efficiency of businesses and helps optimise cost-effective actions.
  • Increases product safety, thus augmenting customer confidence while simultaneously reducing product reliability risks.
  • Ensures that products meet market requirements, thus increasing demand for these products.

The DVGW Set of Rules in English

The DVGW Set of Rules consists of approximately 650 DVGW rules. An English translation of the most important sets of rules is available for international companies and institutions as well as for users and companies in the gas and water industries of non-German-speaking countries.

A module titled “Set of Rules for Well Construction” that discusses the design, construction and operation of wells is available specifically for companies and users specialising in water abstraction.

An overview of the English rules can be found in the list on the left.

DVGW sets of rules available as PDF download – quick and easy!

Download and buy the DVGW Set of Rules in PDF format quickly and easily from our online shop, using any device with internet connection.

An overview of the various subjects covered by the DVGW Set of Rules - Gas and the DVGW Set of Rules - Water facilitates your search for a particular rule. Clicking on gas or water, respectively, will show all rules on gas or water.

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DVGW – THE authority on setting technical rules

The DVGW counts about 14,000 members and is the technical and scientific association of the gas and water industry. For more than 150 years, the DVGW has been setting the technical standards for the safe and reliable supply of gas and water. Being free from any economic lobbyism as well as being a non-profit-making, neutral association, the DVGW ensures transparent rule-making processes.

Technical expert knowledge ensures safety, hygiene and innovation

More than 280 technical committees staffed with representatives of the gas and water industries collaborate with over 2,600 honorary, independent experts to elaborate the DVGW sets of rules. Their expert knowledge and practical experience guarantee their acknowledgement and acceptance by both the German legislator and their peers.
The national bundling of expert knowledge forms the basis for European and international activities. Being represented on the DIN, CEN and ISO standardisation committees, the DVGW has a considerable weight in co-shaping national as well as European and international standards.

DVGW Set of Rules