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Gas engineering – testing and certification

Gas engineering – testing and certification

  • GW 381 Technical Rule - Standard 05/2015

    Building Companies for Underground Line Construction – Minimum Requirements (identical with AGFW FW 600 and VDE-AR-N 4220) ++ PDF file ++

    Artikelnummer: 511558

    This technical rule GW 381 (AGFW Standard, DVGW Standard, VDE Application Rule) applies to companies for underground construction for lines operating in the sectors of district heating, gas, power, telecommunications and drinking water; it specifies minimum formal, personnel and technical requirements as well as optional criteria. Concerning the construction of the line itself as well as all associated aspects, there are specific technical rules.

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  • DIN EN ISO 21809-2 Entwurf 02/2021

    Erdöl und Erdgasindustrie –Umhüllungen für erd- und wasserverlegte Rohrleitungen in Transportsystemen –Teil 2: Einschicht-Epoxipulverbeschichtungen (ISO/DIS 21809-2:2020) Englische Fassung prEN ISO 21809-2:2020 Petroleum and natural gas industries –External coatings for buried or submerged pipelines used in pipeline transportation systems –Part 2: Single layer fusion-bonded epoxy coatings (ISO/DIS ++ PDF-file ++

    Artikelnummer: 511557

    This document DIN EN ISO 21809-2 specifies the requirements for qualification, application, testing and handling of materials for plant application of single layer fusion-bonded epoxy (FBE) coatings applied externally for the corrosion protection of bare steel pipe for use in pipeline transportation systems for the petroleum and natural gas industries as defined in ISO 13623.

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  • GW 10 Technical Standard 06/2018

    Cathodic Protection (CP) of Buried Pipelines, Pipelines of Complex Structures and Steel Tanks; Planning, Construction, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance ++ PDF file ++

    Artikelnummer: 511158

    This Standard GW 10 shall apply to the planning, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of ca-thodic corrosion protection (CP) of buried pipelines, storage vessels and buried steel LPG tanks, which are required to have cathodic protection. For all other buried installations with cathodic protection, this standard can be applied mutatis mutandis.

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  • G 100 Technical Standard 10/2015

    Qualification Requirements for Experts in Energy Facilities for the Supply of Gas ++ PDF file ++

    Artikelnummer: 510444

    This Standard G 100 defines the qualification requirements for experts in energy facilities for the supply of gas within the meaning of the Energy Industry Act as stipulated in the DVGW Set of rules and the High-pressure Gas Pipeline Ordinance.

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  • G 463 Technical Rule - Standard 07/2016

    High Pressure Gas Steel Pipelines for a Design

    Artikelnummer: 510344

    This Standard G 463 shall apply in conjunction with DIN EN 1594 to the design and construction of high pressure gas steel pipelines with a design pressure (DP) of more than 16 bar1 for supplying gas of the 2nd gas family in accordance with DVGW Standard G 260 to the general public. The scope specifies no upper limit on nominal diameter and design pressure values.

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  • Final Report G 201418

    Determining limits and minimum requirements for materials and pipes for rough-beddable pipes made from PE 100-RC ++ PDF-file ++

    Artikelnummer: 510335

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