GW 381 Technical Rule - Standard 05/2015

Building Companies for Underground Line Construction ? Minimum Requirements (identical with AGFW FW 600 and VDE-AR-N 4220) ++ PDF file ++

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For the purposes of this Standard GW 381, the term ?minimum requirements? implies that further requirements canensue from technical rules and legal provisions and/or that the ordering party may stipulate further requirements,in particular in the presence of special features or needs for protection or other constraints. Theoptional criteria shall, without claiming to be exhaustive, be considered guidance for the ordering partywho shall decide on the need for further requirements.If a company consists of several units, this technical rule applies to the units in charge of undergroundconstruction and, without exception, to independent subsidiaries as well. A subsidiary shall be assumed tobe independent if, in effect, it actually controls most operations and/or if the head office of the company isunable to provide the supervision of the staff and the construction sites as required.

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