ISO 17885 06/2021 -pdf-file-

Plastics piping systems ? Mechanical fittings for pressure piping systems ? Specifications

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This document ISO 17885 specifies the requirements for mechanical fittings for joining plastic piping systems for the supply of gaseous fuels, the supply of water for human consumption and other purposes, as well as for industrial application.

It provides a unified set of test methods to check the performance of the fittings, depending on their intended use.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser or specifier to select the appropriate fitting, taking into account their particular requirements and any relevant national guidance or regulations and installation practices or codes.



1 Scope

2 Normative references

3 Terms, definitions, symbols and abbreviated terms

3.1 Terms and definitions

3.2 Symbols and abbreviated terms

3.2.1 Materials

3.2.2 Applications

4 Manufacturers' declaration for the field of application

5 Material

5.1 General

5.2 Plastic materials

5.3 Metals

5.4 Elastomers

5.5 Lubricants and/or greases

6 General characteristics

6.1 Appearance

6.2 Colour

6.3 Weathering protection

6.4 Threads

6.5 Transition fittings to metal pipes

6.6 Combined fittings

6.7 Twisting

7 Geometrical characteristics

8 Physical characteristics

8.1 Evaluation of the MRS value of the plastic material

8.2 Verification of long-term behaviour of the plastic material

8.3 Specific material related characteristics of fitting materials

8.4 Application-related characteristics

8.4.1 Effect on water quality (W)

8.4.2 Resistance to gas constituents (GAS)

8.4.3 Chemical resistance of fittings for industrial applications (IS)

9 Performance requirements

9.1 General

9.2 Pressure resistance of the fitting body

9.2.1 Preparation of test piece

9.2.2 Testing of pressure resistance

9.3 Fitting assemblies

9.3.1 Preparation of test assemblies

9.3.2 Test scheme

9.3.3 Requirements

10 Marking

11 Packaging

Annex A (informative) List of standards

Annex B (normative) Stiffener requirements

Annex C (normative) Test pressure of materials and fitting bodies

Annex D (normative) Physical characteristics of fitting materials

Annex E (normative) Resistance to gas constituents

Annex F (normative) Test stresses

Annex G (normative) Cyclic test procedure