W 121 Technical Rule - Standard 07/2003 -PDF file-

Design and Construction of Groundwater Monitoring Points

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This Code of Practice W 121 serves as a basis for designing and constructing groundwater monitoring points.

The design and construction of groundwater monitoring points is as important for groundwater Monitoring purposes as it is for precautionary, sustainable groundwater protection. Only correctly designed, competently constructed and reliably operating monitoring points can ensure meeting the current requirements of groundwater quality monitoring. A long service life, safe functioning and, in particular, safe sealing,count among some of the important quality features of groundwater monitoring points.

This Code of Practice describes how to competently design and construct groundwater monitoring Points for monitoring the quantity and quality of groundwater. It describes the quality requirements for the construction, the building supervision and the acceptance of groundwater monitoring points.

1 Scope

2 Normative references

3 Water management requirements

4 Technical requirements

4.1 General

4.2 Drilling a groundwater monitoring point

Table 1 ? Minimum final borehole diameters based on casing diameter and sealing material, percussion and wash drilling

4.3 Construction

4.3.1 General

4.3.2 Casing

Table 2 ? Minimum casing diameters of monitoring points based on pump diameterand installation depth

4.4 Annulus

4.4.1 General

4.4.2 Filling with Gravel Pack Material Sand and Gravel

Table 3 ? Gravel pack diameter and screen slot size, depending on the in situ subsoil Grouting clay

Table 4 ? Recommendations for use of grouting clay on the basis on structural stability

4.4.3 Suspensions

5 Installation

5.1 General

5.2 Preparatory work in the borehole

5.3 Backfilling

5.3.1 Filling

5.3.2 Suspension Grouting

6 Well development

7 Headworks

8 Documentation and quality assurance

8.1 Work in progress

8.2 Inspections and acceptances

8.3 Completed groundwater monitoring point

9 Contract awarding procedure

Annex A (informative)

Annex B (informative)