W 124 Technical Rule - Standard 11/1998 -PDF file-

Inspections and acceptances during the construction of vertical filter wells

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The technical bulletin on hand makes recommendations for these inspections and acceptances of the awarded drilling and well construction work, which have been compiled on the basis of the set of technical rules and which shall be applied on a case‑by‑case basis.

It has become apparent that in order to avoid misunderstandings and costly rework, any acceptances and inspections shall have to be agreed beforehand between the parties involved within the scope of the bill of quantities/construction contract, in particular if the specialist company has to make available equipment and facilities at certain dates or work steps.

The selection of the acceptances and inspections to be performed in the individual case shall be guided by the hydrogeological conditions and shall be in line with purpose, type and scope of the structure and the materials used.

1 Scope

2 Target group

3 Application of the technical bulletin

4 Holding the technical bulletin available at the construction site

5 Utilisation for Code of Practice W 120

6 Updates of annex

Annex 1: Examples of inspections and acceptances of vertical filter wells