G 280 Technical Rule 12/2018

Odorization of Gases ++ PDF file ++

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This Technical Rule G 280 applies to all gases covered in DVGW Codes of Practice G 260 and G 262 respectively Standards DIN EN 16723-1 and -2 as well as DIN EN 16726 and all gases used for the supply via pipeline system of the general public and other consumers with a comparable level of safety.

When using sulfur-containing odorants, the fact shall be taken into account that the entailed increase of the sulfur content in the gas is undesirable for some applications, such as its use as basic material in the chemical industry.

Industrial companies using natural gas exclusively on company premises can forego odorization if the operator utilizes other measures to maintain the industrial gas plant or system’s safety.

When switching from one odorant to another, special attention shall be paid to Section 9. The calibration of measuring devices for odorant control requires test gases which are detailed in Section 10.