G 493-2 Technical Rule - Standard 11/2019 -PDF-File-

Qualification Criteria for Companies for the Maintenance of Gas Plants and Systems

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This standard G 493-2 encompasses personal and professional requirements for companies providing maintenance for gas plants and installations that fall within the scope of DVGW G 495 (A), as well as biogas injection and refeeding plants as specified by DVGW G 265-2 or hydrogen injection plants as specified by DVGW G 265-4 (M).

Companies which, within the context of comprehensive plant management, either as original operators or as contractors, are responsible for the maintenance of energy plants, and possess the required personal qualification and organization according to DVGW G 1000 (A), may conduct the maintenance of gas plants without certification as defined by this standard within the network which they have the abovementioned responsibility for.

The prerequisite for the maintenance without certification as mentioned above is that the expert and tech-nical conditions detailed in this standard are met by the company’s own workforce or by service providers with a TSM certification or other corresponding certifications. The company shall appoint the experts re-sponsible for maintenance in writing. The fulfilment of these conditions can be verified e.g. during a TSM review according to DVGW G 1000 (A).


1 Scope of Application

2 Normative References

3 General Requirements

3.1 Signed Commitment Statement

3.2 Obligation

3.3 Participation of other Companies in Special Maintenance Measures

4 Classification of Companies Providing Maintenance of Gas Plants

5 Formal Requirements

5.1 Quality Management

5.2 Liability Insurance

5.3 Proof of Activity

6 Personal Requirements

6.1 Required Responsible Experts and Persons Tasked with Maintenance Work

6.1.1 Group 1

6.1.2 Group 2

6.1.3 Group 3

6.1.4 Duties of Responsible Experts

6.2 General Requirements for Responsible Experts

6.3 Qualification Requirements for Responsible Experts

6.3.1 Qualification Requirement for the Expert Responsible for the Entire Division (Group 1 and 3)

6.3.2 Qualification Requirements for the Expert Responsible for the Execution of Maintenance

Measures in Gas Plants (Groups 1 und 2)

6.3.3 Additional Qualification Requirements for the Expert Responsible for the Execution of

Maintenance Measures in Biogas Injection and Refeeding Plants and Hydrogen Injection


6.4 Qualification Requirements for Employees Tasked with Maintenance Work

7 Minimum Requirements for the Inventory of Workshop Facilities and Machine


8 Documentation

Further Reading